Florida Drivers License for Non-US Citizens

Florida Drivers License for Non-US Citizens

The traffic in Florida is not so chaotic, the speed limit is generally observed, and the markings exist not only for beauty. Although most national traffic rules are based on the Vienna Convention on Road Traffic, they all have their differences.

Florida has a low exam fee. You will only have to pay extra if you fail to pass the theory or practice the first time. To take the exam you do not must be a US citizenship or residence permit is required.

Florida does not require a driving school certificate, although some other states do. To take the exam for a foreigner, all you need is a passport, national driving certificate, and a printout from the website of the border service indicating the period of legal stay in the country. A temporary driver’s license will be issued for the same period.

You can choose the date of the exam and sign up for it on the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles website, where you can choose the time and department.

The theoretical test for the exam will be on a computer. Questions are displayed on the screen, and it is enough to touch the correct answer. There are a total of 50 questions in the test, and you need to successfully answer 40. It turns out that you have 20% on the error, and you can skip the awkward questions, that is, skip them to the end of the list.

The next step is driving test. The area for this behind the building. You may provide independently the car with valid insurance. If you do not have a car – it’s not a problem. There are many cars belonging to driving schools in the parking lot, which can be rented for 20-30 dollars.

In addition, your car must meet certain requirements: no excessive backlash in the steering, service brakes and brake lights, turn signals, and other usual things such as mirrors, windshields, and four wheels. Among the requirements is one interesting – the maximum height of the bumper from ground level.

In case of unsuccessful passing of the exam, you can take the exam also resend but after a while.

After passing the exam, all you have to do is pay $70 and get a Florida driver’s license in 5 minutes.

Picture Credit: Unsplash