Parents may require a criminal defense attorney at their speed dials

Parents may require a criminal defense attorney at their speed dialsAuthor of legal books, Lisa Green emphasizes the need among teenager parents to be ready with a criminal defense attorney. She has already penned a book on this matter which would be handy guide for women. Green believes that parents have contact numbers of tutor, music teachers and other people but tend to forget on a lawyer. She has been a lawyer, legal analysts on television and journalist so far in her career.

The author points out how people maintain a distance from law with their set of fears. They believe it’s intimidating and scary with the notion of their kid never getting into legal hassles. She expects people get some lessons from the case involving a teenager who had allegedly sent textual messages to a friend suggesting her to commit a suicide. Michelle Carter, her name reportedly, faced involuntary manslaughter charges which were surprisingly tragic. It shows how little faulty steps can lead to life changing legal consequences.

Lisa Green is familiar with similar occurrences such as kids answerable to police for having a party. With her observations, she believes how these situations could have been avoided with few simple steps. Awareness of law, rights and proper behavior could have saved the parents from grievous circumstances. The lawyer suggests parents to consider this issue with the same importance they’re likely to give an orthopedist if their children break a bone accidently.

Lisa Green discusses certain situations to make parents understand by examples. When a teenager is told to show his or her smart phone as per allegations of sending vulgar texts, parents should know few things.  The school should have a reasonable doubt of something going wrong to open the cell phone. Parents should discuss with their children on right and wrong stuffs while handling such private requests. Similarly, children should also try calling their mother and father when told to show their phone, laptops and lockers which are their own property. Green believes that it is significant for parents to be aware of all the activities their children pursue such as drinking at school premises or campus.

Prior to teenagers attending colleges, their parents should be aware of laws on social hosts. They could be considered as criminally responsible if their children misbehave or do something tragic or inappropriate after drinking alcohol at home.  As per sources, more than 100 cities and 20 states have these kinds of laws written on books. In certain cases, the parents might be held as liable if they weren’t aware of the drinking taking place.

The lawyer believes kids should be punished if their indulgence in wrongdoings is proved legally. Parents should be aware of the legal rights of their children simultaneously. Green advices asking closed ones like parents and friends to locate a professional lawyer for any legal consultation. After settling on a few names, these lawyers should be interviewed one by one. Both the parties should agree unanimously on cost of services, the kind of case to be handled, and other things.

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