DUI cases can use body cameras

DUI cases can use body cameras
Police body camera: DUI field sobriety test

The latest rise in DUI cases has implemented the law agencies to inflict their forces to use up body cameras. Drunk Under Influence (DUI) has faced with many illegal facets in the court due to loss in memory of the police or tampered evidence.

The rise in such cases has taken the West by storm as more and more people are being charged with it legally or illegally. The court works through evidence and the dual subjects of speaking from both the parties makes it tough for the jury to get a fast action. It has often been reported of adulterated facts from the police to cover up for a wrong accusation. Body cameras installed on the law enforcers can work wonders in recording such cases live and later tape the record when the case file is been lodged. It is often subjected to loss of memory where both the police and the accused fail to remember the exact incident that occurred during the night of capture.

The trials normally take place in weeks and by then the report file gets mostly tampered. Often at the perjury of a bad cop or due to lack of proper evidence the reports are made up in excess detail making it tough for the accuse to escape scot-free. Body cameras therefore can record the whole incident in a decent picture that can be used by the defense lawyer to rest his case against his client.

DUI cases often gets to the wrong part of the law as the accused get trapped due to misconceptions. It is not always a true case as reports suggest in the Americas in the past year. The misconduct from the cops has risen and the civilians are being prone to complaint against the forces as they are tired of their wrong doings. It has often been reported that a case has been filed against a cop who tries to imply his cases on the accused as a result to false arrest. He later makes up for a fake file inflicting the cases to make his statement more strong.

DUI attorneys are in favor of body cameras as they believe this can give their clients a fair trial if the cops have been a bad sport. Not every case is fake as small provinces in the US have placed a reward of $100 to any citizen who would rank up a call to the law authorities if they spotted a DUI driver. This will make the cops aware of the upcoming situation as they can then cover up and prepare for any further accidents or mishaps.

The makers of this law make it very clear that they want their citizens to keep an eye pen for DUI cases and are strictly against false cases. By giving cash reward they just make it obvious that they are grateful to the law abiders and want their adjoining citizens to work a s force against rash driving under alcoholic or doped effects.