Getting A DUI Nowadays Is No Joking Matter

Getting A DUI Nowadays Is No Joking MatterDriving is a right and privilege and the level of personal responsibility is high.

There’s no driving like a maniac at high speeds nor disobeying traffic signs and laws because one feels one knows better. There are fines and penalties for all sorts of infractions regarding driving and getting a DUI is one of the worst.

Today, the courts are leaning pretty heavy on DUI charges. The penalties vary from state to state but in general the first bust is the one that will remain on your mind and conscious and record for a long time. You may get off with just a modest fine but you might run into that one judge that feels passionate about DUI charges and they’ll throw the book at you. This could be anything from the maximum number of fines, stays in jail, and even locking devices installed on your car so it won’t operate with a person who is under the influence.

This is why you should get smart and look at what attorneys are available should you get pinched for DUI. Do not try to solve the problems yourself but let the lawyer do the talking. They know the laws inside and out and can do just about everything from minimizing the penalties to getting the charges thrown out altogether.

So if you’re one to go out and have a few drinks now and then, make sure to take the proper precautions regarding your driving habits. Ask someone to drive you home like having a designated driver if you can. Try to know your metabolic rate too and what you’ve been drinking and how long you should wait before getting behind the wheel. All these precautions are what a responsible citizen does to avoid such things as a DUI charge.

Image credit: Robert Couse-Baker