Convictions Handed Down For Florida Illegal Charters

Convictions Handed Down For Florida Illegal ChartersAre you sure you are captain of professionalism? Is it legal to transport people in this boat? The South Florida Coast Guard warns locals about the dangers of water.

Not so long ago, in the waters of South Florida suspended flights of two vessels. As a result, it turned out that in addition to a number of violations, the operator does not have the necessary evidence of the serviceability of the boat. The crew of the pontoon and pleasure boat was carrying passengers without seamen diplomas. Yes, and other evidence that allows them to carry residents and tourists. Owners and operators of violators must pay more than 40 thousand dollars a fine.

In recent months, the coast guard has stopped several “problem” boats. And on each of them there were at least ten unsuspecting passengers. Representatives of the security call on everyone who is going to ride on the ocean, to make sure that the vessel is in good order, and that they are managed by certified specialists. First of all, your captain must have a license, and the boat must pass all necessary checks.

Picture Credit: larsen9236