DUI driver gets 30 years-to-life for wrong-way crash that killed sister

DUI driver gets 30 years-to-life for wrong-way crash that killed sisterThe 26-year-old American was sentenced to 30 years in prison after an accident that occurred due to drunk driving in 2014, killing six people, including her sister.

Speaking in a courtroom in the city center, Olivia Coolbhig cried while talking about the victims during the sentencing hearing.

Kulbhig pleaded not guilty to any of the charges of six second-degree murders that occurred in May, when a car jumped into the opposite lane on the 60th freeway at the Diamond Bar four years ago.

Witnesses said that the red Camaro Coolbhig picked up speed of 100 miles / hour (160 km / hour) before crashing into a red Ford Explorer, which then crashed into a third car.

Because of the bounce, several people flew out of the car, and only Olivia Coolbhig and Joel Cortes, the driver of the silver Ford Freestyle, survived the accident.

The remaining six died: 47-year-old Giorgio Mégia-Martinez, 42-year-old Leticia Ibarra, 20-year-old Jessica Jasmin Mejia, Esther Delgado, whose age is unknown, 24-year-old Maya Calbrit, 21-year-old Christine Melissa Young and 21-year-old Maya Culbhig – sister Olivia.

After the accident, the driver of the silver Ford Freestyle Joel Cortes said that at 4:30 in the morning he left home and headed west along the 60th freeway to work. After about 10 minutes, he saw Olivia’s red car fly in the air and tried to roll. Then there was a slam from the passenger side, and he felt the airbag squeeze him. After that, the car crashed into the central separator of the highway. He looked away and saw the bodies on the road, then he heard a cry: “Bodies are everywhere!”

In 2010, four years before the accident, Olivia was found guilty of drinking and driving in San Bernardino District, according to the state department of motor vehicles. She again got the right to drive a week before the 2014 accident.

Picture Credit: stevepb