2% American adults admit to driving under intoxication

2% American adults admit to driving under intoxicationAccording to new findings of a study, at least two percent of Americans have confessed to driving under the influence (DUI) over a month long period. This study was conducted based on 2012 data collected and analyzed by Centre for Disease Control, US (CDC). It outlines the habitual drunk drivers and young male adults with drinking history. CDC researchers believe that countless lives can be saved by curbing this problem. In the last two decades, DUI has been a prime reason for crashes leading to one third of total crash deaths in US.

An expert agreed to rampant increase in binge drinking among adults. According to Dr Krakower, individuals shouldn’t think twice prior and seek help immediately to cure their drinking problems. The alcohol abuse specialist points out that one should not drive any motor vehicle after drinking. There is no gain in putting the lives of innocent people at risk.

A new research study was conducted where Amy Jewett, a CDC investigator monitored data of 2012 collected from a survey of federal government. It revealed that approximately 4.2 million American adults reported a DUI episode once in their last 30 days. In total, it led to almost 121 million impaired driving episodes annually. Rates fluctuated state-wise depending upon specific laws about drunk driving, pointed out CDC. Worst results were recorded in Midwest which didn’t come as a surprise for the research team. People dwelling in these areas have continuously reported high DUI rates compared to people residing in other areas.

Profile of a drunk driver is not something which would surprise anyone and it’s the same in case of young binge drinkers. Based on study findings, men aged between 21-34 years comprised of one third percentage in drunken driving episodes. In total, men comprised of 80% in impaired drivers category. After further analysis, 4% of adults were noted in binge drinker’s category. It accounts for men consuming five or extra drinks during a single occasion.  Women having at least four or more drinks occasion-wise also fall under this category. Combining these statistics reveal 4% American adults are responsible for two third of total drunk driving accidents, as observed by CDC researchers.

Dr Scott notes that binge drinking incidents are frequent among college goers and young adults. It has led to an unfortunate rise in DUI incidents. He is reportedly serving as assistant unit head of psychiatry department at New York’s Zucker Hillside Hospital. In the year 2013, almost 40% of college goers reported usual binge drinking episodes during the last month.  Further research revealed that underage drinking habits can progress to turn into an acute alcohol problem with adults. With efforts and precaution, it is possible to prevent these numbers from going up. Jewett’s team believes that drunken driving deaths may go down provided the states act tougher with this issue. Increasing tax rates on booze, coming hard on underage drinking and strict enforcement of alcohol breathing laws could be helpful. According to Krawkower, problematic drinking habits leading to DUI later may begin at a tender age.

Image credit: Todd Arena