Make Sure To Exercise Your Rights With An Attorney Present

Make Sure To Exercise Your Rights With An Attorney PresentGetting arrested for any reason is not a happy camper finale to a day. The police can detain your before an arrest or just detain you until they figure out what to do with you. All the while you are covered by your birthright, your Constitutional Rights which you should exercise immediately during any confrontation with law enforcement.

You aren’t bound by law to answer any questions posed to you by law enforcement. If they start to ask you questions, exercise your right to have an attorney present. It doesn’t mean you’re guilty, it means you’re taking precautions because things can go wrong especially if the officers are opinionated or unprofessional. Should you be brought into the police station, again, exercise your rights to have your attorney present at all times allowed. This is not only to protect you but many police don’t realize it’s also protecting them and the municipality.

Attorneys are there for a reason. To protect you. One slip of the lip can land you in more trouble than it’s worth and could also result in economically devastating results. That’s why you don’t let fate go haywire on you and you take the bull by the horns the minute police trouble raises its head.

A criminal attorney knows the ins and outs of the police and court system. They’ll arrive on time to walk you through the situation and give you your options. The police will want to question you before and after an arrest. The time to call the attorney is the minute things get serious and you notice the cops are being far too inquisitive to just be asking you questions about everyday things. They’re supposed to read you your Miranda Rights and sometimes don’t but your attorney will see to it that any outpoints are handled the right way in your benefit.

Far too many people get stubborn or arrogant and think they can handle the cops during an incident only to find out later their smart aleck ways only landed them in deeper trouble. Some actually think they know as much as a seasoned attorney and find out later that their assumptions only got them into a quagmire of a mess. Having your attorney present during a police confrontation doesn’t mean you’re guilty of any crime and in court the judge and jury will see that you were just making sure your hind end was covered. That’s what it’s all about, maintaining and preserving your safety and freedom during the process and having an attorney present is a very smart thing indeed.