Prevent drunken driving arrest and conviction

Prevent drunken driving arrest and convictionDrinking and driving should never go hand to hand. Many people unfortunately become a part of this mess. NHTSA, a body of United States Transportation Department considers all the drivers at 0.08 blood- alcohol concentration as substantially impaired. Mentioned below are certain steps which you could follow to ensure you are driving within your legal rights and want to prevent DUI arrest.

Ensure that the registration of your car is current       

Make sure that the car you are driving has been registered currently. The patrol officers stop a lot of suspecting car drivers after noticing an expired tag of registration. Although the ideal way to prevent DUI arrest should be not to drive after consuming alcohol, your expired registration tag can be equally troublesome.

Follow the traffic rules

People often get arrested in DUI cases owing to ignorance of traffic laws. Avoid over speeding and make sure your driving speed is within the limits. Never forget to signal before taking turns or changing lanes. The U turn in certain areas such as business hubs or marked places could be illegal. Remember that traffic laws are meant for your safety only.

Check that your car fulfills the legal obligations before hitting the roads

Even if you had a drink before driving by mistake, ensure the car you are driving fulfills the essential legal obligations. If the car is in full working order and isn’t violating the legal orders, you have minimal chances of getting stopped midway. It could be that you aren’t convicted of DUI, but the lack of a front license plate may give rise to unfavorable circumstances.

Never discuss drinking with the officers

Don’t lie about things and remain silent when the officers ask questions related to drinking. It might lead the officer suspect you but you aren’t obliged to answer. If your case reaches the trial, replying the officer that you only had a single drink before the arrest will be of no help. People foolishly express that they’ve been drinking. You should avoid these habits.

Skip the coordination tests   

Some of the officers who stop you on the road tend to claim later that they’ve smelt alcohol on your mouth. He might claim this even if it’s not the case. Certain non-alcoholic drinks may smell like alcohol and duty officer would add in his DUI report that he had smelled alcohol on the suspect’s breath. Remember that you have already passed certain legal tests before getting the permission to drive. There is no law that states that coordination tests are compulsory.

Avoid drinking before driving to prevent DUI arrest  

To avoid the mess up that could surface out of drinking and driving, stay away from this. If you feel like unsafe before a drive, consider waiting a bit longer before a drive.

Where to go if I am already arrested?

If you are already convicted and arrested contact a criminal defense DUI attorney as soon as possible. There are many attorneys with intense dislike for criminal justice mechanism which occasionally overlooks the law and constitution.